Lifestyle Breaks

As well as hosting visitors at Andrew House Cottage and Barn, Tina Brown is also a freelance dietitian and John is a trained mentor and experienced in counselling   Guests can combine a stay at Andrew House with a 3- or 7-day lifestyle break that makes the most of the time to relax and refresh but also looks at diet, habits and resolutions as a way of reviewing your lifestyle.

“In today’s rushed and pressured living, paying attention to health needs sometimes gets forgotten.  Maybe you are thinking about making some lifestyle changes but not sure what to do – we are offering individual healthy lifestyle packages designed especially for your own needs.”

These breaks are a chance to learn about making the right food choices with advice and guidance for choosing and making lifestyle changes and they’re an opportunity to try out relaxation therapies and ideas while you have time away from the pressures of work and home.

If you have health issues such as ;

We can help.

You might just not be feeling very good and need some time out to take stock of your life.  Andrew House Cottage and Barn is a great place to do just that.

We can offer:

We offer 3- or 7-day lifestyle breaks and each one is different.

How will your lifestyle break work?

Email or telephone us to discuss your individual needs and we can put together a plan and price.